There are two different variations of this weapon emplacement, one which rides on the back of Jeeps, and the other which is a stationary emplacement. The stationary turret allows a limited degree of motion, unlike the jeep turret's rotational freedom. It holds 90 rounds of ammunition, and is extremely accurate while still, but loses accuracy while in motion.

The Eucadian version of the weapon resembles an M2 Browning with an MG42 ammunition box, while the Chernovan version of the weapon slightly resembles the Soviet PKT, albeit with the ammunition belt on the left side, instead of the right.

Tips on UsingEdit

  • Beware of snipers - You can be sniped very easily while using these turrets as they provide no armor for the player.
  • Strategize - Decide for yourself whether you would benefit more from the stationary turret or the Jeep's Turret.