The AA Turret is a ballistics based Anti Aircraft emplacement, which uses proximity detonated explosive rounds to damage and destroy various targets. Unlike the Missile Turret, the AA turret has a much larger magazine, and does not have a locking function.


Four-barreled, with dual barrels on each side anti-air flak cannon, with armor plates on it's sides.


Usefull for surpressing areas under heavy enemy congestion, or scaring potential threats away, and obviously, destroying aircraft.

Can be used against most ground targets too, such as tanks.


Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • "Shoot around corners" - If a Warhawk is nearby but obscured from view (behind a rock outcropping or building, or below a small hill or wall), often if you shoot next to the obstruction, the shots sail past the building, then detonate when in range of the warhawk on the other side (since they're proximity-detonated). You're now hitting a warhawk that's hiding behind a building.
  • Reduce your visibility - When you enter a turret, you are visible on the map to everyone. This means pilots can decide to come after you, and ground troops can decide to take you out as well. It may be useful to regularly leave and re-enter a turret. If you exit it while it's reloading (or re-generating it's "health" subsequent to an attack), then you're not going to show up on radar and so can avoid being a blundering target. Then, when it's all ready for action again (or if you see some choice targets coming your way), hop back in.
  • Run fast! - If you come under fire, it's usually a bad idea to try to get off "one last shot". Run from the turret!
  • Reload! - Remember to reload when there's a break in the action (press any direction on the D-pad).
  • Lead your fire - Because the travel time of the bullets is long, it's a good idea to lead your targets, accounting for any speed and altitude differences between you and your target.

Defensive StrategiesEdit

  • Mine it - Sneak up and throw a mine at it.