Best deployed as a defensive measure, the AAM Proximity-Fused Aerial Mine is primarily used to dissuade or destroy enemy units when they penetrate critical airspace. The mine utilizes a proximity fuse in conjunction with a FF reader, which results in a detonation when in proximity to enemy units or when there is a direct collision by any type of aircraft. Deployment of weapon found to be too close to ground features or terrain will be preempted by the aircraft’s weapon system and the AAM will not be deployed.


Looks like a Spiked Ball.

Gives 2 ammo for a maximum of 3.

The WeaponEdit

Just like the Land Mines just way more visible and in the Air.

They have different looks for the two sides.

The red Chernovan team's Mines look like giant black balls with spikes. Spiky "red reamers".

The blue Eucadian team's Mines look a bit retro, & rounded, like floating Balloons. The "blue balloons".

Fun StuffEdit

Mines can be shot at and ramming into one that you placed will give you a suicide while ramming one placed by a team mate just explodes.


Also check the tips on the warhawk page

Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • Only three active at once - If you drop three mines and place a fourth one, the first mine you dropped will disappear. Place your three mines wisely.
  • Put in sneaky locations - Put them behind Mountains or under bridges where you know enemies will fly, try to not to be too obvious. In clouds, around corners, in trees, etc.
  • Place in/near valuable pickups - Deprive other pilots of the chance to pick up valuable weapons or the health pickup. Especially good if you have an idea of your enemies' favorite weapons and you mine it in an area where they fly a lot.
  • Place over friendly bases - Especially near popular landing points (the capture point, tanks, backside of a base), especially if there are no landmines at those landing points.
  • Mine the route your flag/core carrier will take

Defensive StrategiesEdit

  • Stealth & shoot - Air littered with enemy mines? Get the Stealth, fly around, shoot 'em all down
  • Ask for ground support - Air littered with enemy mines? Get on the mike and ask grounders to spend a little time machine-gunning or sniper-ing mines.
  • Invisible airmines - Not much you can do about that. It's lag-related. As of Update #1.50 they're still happening. Unfortunately lag in online games is inevitable.
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