Archipelago is a 7-island map. Air travel is necessary in here.


A group of islands protruding hundreds of feet into the air. Numerous small outposts set the stage for storming the middle castle -Map information

Archipelago Is a very diverse map. Although theres no reason stated for a fight, it is most likely that it controls airspace and can be used to launch attacks into both Eucadian and Chernovan territory, depending on who controls the islands. It is a very popular place for Ctf and zones. "Archipelago" means a group of islands connected to a chain, which is exactly what this map is. The actual full map is called "Island warfare", however it cannot be played in ctf. "Acropolis Assault" Is the big middle Island that can be played in ctf. It is an excellent place to train your dogfighting skills because you can use the islands to dodge missiles. The central castle is the main chokepoint in the islands.

"Close Corridors" is also popular because you can sharpen your infantry skills here and its a short distance between the flags. The Map has 7 capturable zones, the major one being the castle. It has a TOW missile spawn, and 4 total binocular spawns. It is exceptional for snipers, because the air is clear, unlike the island outpost. It has 6 layouts, only 2 playable in ctf. The rest can be played on team deathmatch.

The Eucadians start in the west, the Chernovans in the east.


The climate is obviously tropical, just think of anywhere in the tropics and compare it to archipelago.

The layoutsEdit

The map has 6 layouts, but only 2 can be played in ctf.

Island WarfareEdit

The whole entire map, only playable in tdm or zones, along with hero.

Castle SolitareEdit

The 4 corner islands, and the castle, symmetrical.

Castle Tug-o-WarEdit

The whole map except 2 islands. Again, symmetrical.

Acropolis AssaultEdit

The largest CTF layout, it is the middle island. This layout is symetrical.

Close CorridorsEdit

The smallest layout perhaps in the entire game, although it is debatable weather the Badlands: Fortress layout is smaller. It is also an infantry only level. This place is flooded with minor glitches, but many players take advantage of these. It is not symmetrical.

Close Corridors

Southern IslandsEdit

The 3 southern islands, playable in all modes except for ctf and collection, not symmetrical.


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