This weapon is automatically equipped to every character.

The WeaponEdit

The Pistol is the starting weapon you receive by default as a foot Soldier, a semi-automatic weapon with unlimited ammunition and a fast firing rate. The pistol is accurate at close range but ineffective at medium or long ranges.

The pistol can only hurt foot soldiers, and machine gun turrets. It does no damage to all other targets.

One magazine holds 20 rounds.

For close combat, it is recommended to use the pistol rather than the similar Model 18 Automatic Rifle as it saves ammo.


Can be very effective if at close range, dealing almost two times the damage per bullet at close range when compared to an assault rifle. It does much lower damage at longer ranges, and can not damage heavily armored vehicles or turrets.

Fun StuffEdit

When reloading, the Character will just look like he uses the slide of the gun, but nothing moves. Also, if you see someone holding a knife; fire the pistol at him, but keep on running back because one touch of his blade and you die!

Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • Allow "sticky" aim to help you - This weapon has a "sticky" aim-assist feature. Once you've targeted an enemy and the reticle has turned red, start firing but DO NOT adjust your aim...the aim point will automatically be "sticky" on your target and keep your shots hitting him. It is not a full lock-on though, the aim is only so sticky. If they run around you, off to your side, etc, and change their position enough, if you do nothing to try to track your target, the sticky aim will be lost.
  • Aim at the head - Kills them a lot quicker.
  • Hitchhike - People commonly shoot pistols at vehicles (warhawks, jeeps, tanks)--which will not damage them--to request a ride
  • Shoot land mines - If you come across landmines, and you want to save on ammo, shoot the landmines with your pistol (Also pistols have unlimited ammo, so if you shoot out land mines with a pistol, the pistol's ammo doesn't get affected)
  • Get a better weapon!
  • Annoy Campers - (WARNING A**HOLE TRICK) If you have a teamate who has been camping and you dont like the player for being a camper, shoot at somwere around him to make it look like hes just shooting a pistol and run away from him and see if an enemy has killed him (best used if your the server of the game)
  • Fast switching - If you have weakend an enemy enough by using any weapon and they are dodging your every move switch to your pistol and shoot at him rapidly this will also save you some ammo


  • The name of the weapon is a play on a real-life pistol, the Heckler & Koch USP 9mm/.45 pistol. In fact, 'Koch' is German for 'Cook'.

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