The PRCM/D Chaff is deployed to confuse an incoming missile’s avionics. It is guaranteed to shake off almost all incoming missiles at the time the chaff is deployed.


White/Light Blue outlined shards.

Gives one Chaff use, up to two total.

The WeaponEdit

Not a weapon but a countermeasure, all locked missiles will lose their lock on your plane and chase the chaff countermeasures.


When you hear the lock-on warning release a Chaff and you'll be home free.

Fun StuffEdit

If you are extremely lucky the disoriented Missiles may hit someone else.

Offensive StrategiesEdit

Also check the tips on the warhawk page

If you are very good at dodging missiles you shouldn't need to use this that much. But if an enemy is close to you and fires a huge barrage of swarm missiles...chances are you are going to get hit even if you dodge a few. So use chaff and make all of those missiles fly safely away, and if you're lucky they will fly back and maybe bite the enemy in the butt!

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