Two Chernovan troopers


Chernovans are one of the two teams you can be in the ps3 game Warhawk. The Chernovan color is Red. Most consider the Chernovans the "Evil" team as opposed to the Eucadians. The Chernovans wear futuristic sci-fi/metallic soldier uniforms usually being metal silver or black in color. All the Chernovan vehicles are futuristic looking and are all grey except for the dropship which has the same look on both teams. The Nemesis is the name of the Chernovan fighter plane, which is the Warhawk for the Eucadians. The Nemesis has a futuristic look with two rotor blades in the wings and a thin aerodynamic feel. From the map descriptions, it seems the Chernovans attacked the Eucadians and invaded Eucadia and it's surrounding area including the capitol and many islands and lands. It is unknown where the Chernovans come from. It is most likely they come from another city or country.


Chernovans, as stated above, wear black (and occasionaly white or grey) uniforms with silver-grey helmets and equipment. The team colour is red, also stated above. The Nemesis is a sleek VTOL fighter with a cockpit resembling a Ju-87 "Stuka"'s cockpit, giving it a warped, futuristic WWII fighter appearance, a similar effect used for the Warhawk. A normal, non-costumized Nemesis is black with an off-white bottom. Their 4x4s are very similar to the Eucadian 4x4s, although the 4x4s are coloured the typical slate-grey of Chernovan vehicles. The Chernovan tank uses said colour scheme and resembles a futuristic or heavily modified Panzer. The track design and overall appearance of the tank bear a striking resemblance to the Leman-Russ Battle Tank from the tabletop wargame, Warhammer 40,000, another futuristic war game.


The Chernovans, as the map "Battle for Eucadia" indicates, are an invasive army from another city, country, or possibly even another planet, at war with the Eucadians. Their dark colours, along with their apparent invasion of Eucadia, has made them an object of consideration as "Evil", though not much is known on which side is truly evil. The Chernovans appear to use propoganda posters as seen on walls throughout the game. Each poster shows an image of a typical Chernovan soldier's head, gazing upward with the words "FIGHT" and "WIN" over and then under the image respectively. The Chernovans appear to be heavily influenced on WWII Nazi Germany based on their vehicle similarity, invasive nature, propoganda similarity, and team colours (red, grey, black, and white). Their place of origin is most likely named Chernova, as the the Eucadian place of origin is Eucadia.