The WeaponEdit

The Knife appears as a long bladed, combat knife and delivers an instant kill whenever you manage to hit your enemy with it. It is once of three weapons that are equipped when you spawn (execpt when spawning in the APC) the others being the Bradford and Cook UCP 10MM Service Pistol and Two MK37 Fragmentation Grenades. It cannot be picked up in the game world.


DON'T MISS ON THE SWING! The best time to knife someone is when they aren't expecting it. If you miss your initial strike, you need to get the follow up underway fast, or pull out a gun. Otherwise your enemy will be able to pull out a gun and kill you before you can react.

Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • Close Quarters Combat - The best time to use a knife is in confined/constrained spaces. In open ground, an opponent can back away, shooting you. In confined spaces, you can back your enemy up against a wall, just make sure you kill them faster than it takes them to pull their gun.
  • Spawn Knife the Enemy - When you first spawn you're pretty weak, but you are briefly invisible and invulnerable. So if you have the misfortune to spawn into a fierce fight, take advantage of your temporary grace period...charge right into someone and knife them. They may be angry about the kill, but that grace period was put in the game for a reason.
  • Use 3rd-person Viewpoint - Hide around a wall near the edge of a building and look around the corner. Others won't see you. As they walk closer to you, pop out and knife them!!! This move, when pulled of correctly, can be very stealthy.
  • Kill Jeep Gunners & Drivers - A knife is a quick way to kill people riding in a jeep if you can get the drop on them.
  • Ladders! Stand at the top of ladders and slice so when someone comes up they will die.
  • Warhawks- Warhawk are dead giveaways to a sniper position so fly up to where he is hiding and knife him.

Defensive StrategiesEdit

  • Use the Flamethrower - It usually always works as long as you don't back-up into a wall.
  • Use Grenades - Throw a grenade in front of you at a low angle; they will run into it.
  • Knife Lock On - If you are very close to an enemy and start swinging the knife, it will "lock on" to the enemy.

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