Hi rise hop
Above the clouds soar the blasted ruins of the Eucadian Capital, sacked by Chernovan forces during the invasion. Only a handful of proud Eucadian troops remain, attempting to reclaim the once-majestic city -Map information


The destroyed capitol is the capital of Eucadia, blown apart by Chernovan armies. Some people feel it is lacking in pickups for ground combat. It is somewhat a good place to train your dogfighting skills. The out-of-bounds areas are covered in sky, so falling off will take you to nothing but air.

It is rather good for playing zones. With 7 capturable zones, its rather easy to score points while playing zones here. It has 1 tow missile spawn, and 6 binocular spawns. It has a large number of flak and SAM turrets, making it convenient to make turret kills for turret badges. It has a large number of planes, so train your dogfight skills here. The destroyed capitol has a total of 5 layouts, all playable in ctf. It is a horrible place to make your sniper kills, as theres barely any, and its too huge of a distance to even aim with the sniper zoomed in 2x.

The Chernovans start in the west, the Eucadians in the east.


The climate is kind of similar to Eucadia, probably showing its Spring season.

The layoutsEdit

This map has 6 layouts, 4 can be played in ctf, and all are symmetrical.

High Rise HopEdit

The whole map of the Destroyed Capitol.

The Six BoroughsEdit

The six towers outside the main structure. Use planes to get to one point to the other.

Spire Shut-inEdit

The central structure and the 4 boroughs, do anything to take over the middle park.

Road to RuinEdit

The middle structure along with 2 boroughs, again conquer the park.

King of the HillEdit

The easter half of the structure excluding the park, fight for the middle.

Garden ShowdownEdit

The garden itself, fight for the binocular spawns.


  • Destroyed Capitol is the capital of Eucadia.