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An Eucadian trooper.

Eucadians are one of the two teams that you play as in Warhawk.


Some would consider the Eucadians the "good" team as opposed to the Chernovans, the considered "bad" team.


The Eucadian homeland Eucadia was under invasion of the Chernovans. Thus engaging in warfare in order to protect the land.


They wear a mix between World War II and Modern Day soldier uniforms, usually being tan or white in color.


All the Eucadian vehicles are retro, for instance the tanks and 4x4's look similar to the ones used in World War II - the 4x4 looks like a Willys Jeep with a Browning .50 Cal and the tank looks like a M4 Sherman or T-34 except the turret is pulled back a bit - but it's basic design is the same.

Aircrafts Edit

The Warhawks appear bulky, similar to World War II fighters. Do not let their appearance fool you, however, as the Eucadian Warhawk is exactly the same in combat as the sleek Chernovan Nemesis.


  • The Eucadian color is blue.
  • The Eucadians appear heavily based on the cadian guard from warhammer 40k.
  • There from Eucadia, which is one of the levels in the game.
  • In the beta version, Eucadians lacked a head gear and had brown-orange short hair. You can see this prototype trooper when you highlight "Customize" in the Warhawk game.
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