Intro and tips for less experienced playersEdit

To get an introduction on various important things to know, see the main article Intro For New Players

General TipsEdit

Some general advice applies no matter what Game Mode you're playing. For instance, always capture bases. For general advice, see the General Strategy article.

Tips for specific equipmentEdit

For tips on specific pieces of equipment, visit the article about that item. For instance, for tips on using a tank (or fighting against one), visit the Tank article. You can find lists of different pieces of equipment in the ground & air Weapons article and in the Vehicles & Turrets article.

Tips for specific game modesEdit

To get strategies for the different game modes, visit the article about that game mode. For instance, for tips on playing Collection, visit the Collection article. You can find a list of the different game modes in the Game Modes article.

Tips for specific mapsEdit

To get strategies for the different maps, visit the Maps Overview and drill into the main article for the specific map in which you're interested. For instance, for tips on Archipelago, visit the Archipelago article.

Additional Tips, Tactics, Help, Statistics, AdviceEdit

For manuals, maps, FAQ, & forums, see the Warhawk Help article.

A wide variety of tips and good information can be found in various locations:

The Warhawk guide at the IGN Games site
The Warhawk: Info Center thread at the Sony Warhawk forums
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