The AA-19 Long Range Active Radar Homing Missile's guidance system enables for target acquisition at long range and faster navigational updates once the missile is in-flight. The AA-19 can also be deployed in ‘dumb-fire’ mode—releasing the weapon before a lock is achieved—making it an exceptional air-to ground weapon. Although ground vehicles and troops don’t produce enough radar signatures to enable a target-lock, the AA-19 can still acquire all aircraft and heavy turrets.


Single upright Missile, outlined in yellow.

Gives 3 ammo, for a maximum of 3.

The WeaponEdit

Homing Missiles have a bigger Lock-on Window than Swarm Missiles.

1 hit takes away about 2/3 of the health of a warhawk.

Firing them at ground targets is effective too since it has a nice blast radius.


Fire and forget missile that deserves its name, most of the time you will hit your target. Since you only have three available make sure each one is a kill before you go back to stock up.


Also check the tips on the warhawk page

Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • Boost your missile - Boosting while firing a Missile will give them a bit of extra speed. To boost press R2 twice and hold it down.
  • Get close - Boost to get close to your target. This will give them less time to dodge. (Or none at all)

Defensive StrategiesEdit

  • Learn how to dodge!