Grenade surrounded by a green aura. Players spawn with two grenades, and one pickup supplies two grenades. Six grenades can be carried around at any time.

The WeaponEdit

Grenades are thrown in an arc; the higher you aim the farther it flies. It will explode on contact of either enemy soldiers or vehicles or after a predetermined fuse has expired.

Does the same amount of damage as a rocket; kills foot soldiers in one hit and Warhawks in two hits.

The grenade acts somewhat realistically, although functions like detonation on contact with enemies are fictional. It is based off of the Type 97 Kiska grenade used by the Japanese Imperial Army in WWII.

Fun StuffEdit

If your grenade rebounds and lands to near you, it has the potential to cause a suicide.

If you fall off a cliff, such as the one in Archipelago Close Quarters beneath the bridge, wait until the last .5 seconds of fall and toss a grenade. You will live, at the cost of some health.

Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • Clear "blind" mines - If you hear a land mine, or suspect a mine may be nearby around a blind corner, but you can't see it to shoot it, use a grenade to clear it out.
  • Anticipating the Carrier - If an opponent took your teams flag or a core your trying to get and your too far its best to use your grenade since they will be using as many things for cover until they reach a car
  • Random Kill - in small maps (Forretress Close Corridors ect.) During a DM or CTF game throw a grenade in the air and see if you can at least hurt or kill an enemy (best use in deathmatch but youll be tracked down)