A Rifle with a blue outline containing 160 rounds; 280 rounds maximum.

The WeaponEdit

It is a good anti-infantry weapon, and is also able to damage all vehicles other then Tanks or APCs. It also does not damage AA Turrets or Missile Turrets. The rifle has a fast rate of fire and good accuracy at close range, but as range increases the rifle's accuracy decreases. One magazine holds 40 rounds. 1 magazine can kill a soldier assuming all the bullets hit the target. Each round from the rifle actually does less damage than one round from the pistol, but it makes up for this with its high rate of fire and large magazine size.

The rifle's appearance seems to be based on many weapons, but the overall appearance resembles a WWII automatic rifle known as the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle). The icon for the weapons select menu resembles an M16A2 Assault Rifle. The Model 18 rifle is fully automatic and becomes increasingly inaccurate as distance to the target increases.


The rifle is a foot solders most reliable weapon, use on enemies that are at medium range for best results. Crouching down while firing will result in better accuracy with this weapon.


  • Allow "sticky" aim to help you - This weapon has a "sticky" aim-assist feature. Once you've targeted an enemy and the reticle has turned red, start firing but DO NOT adjust your aim...the aim point will automatically be "sticky" on your target and keep your shots hitting him. It is not a full lock-on though, the aim is only so sticky. If they run around you, off to your side, etc, and change their position enough, if you do nothing to try to track your target, the sticky aim will be lost.
  • Headshots kill faster - Try and aim "up". Head shots and upper torso shots will damage players faster than a lower torso or leg wound.
  • Burst fire - Don't just hold down the trigger. A short, 3-5 round burst of the assault rifle at longer distances is far more accurate than a long full-auto spray.
  • Mix in Grenades - A well tossed grenade will end a firefight instantly, and also gives you much more firepower against vehicles. Because Rifles usually spawn next to grenades, these tactics are the most common online. Offensive play should make mobility a priority because a player in the open is exposed to greater dangers.
  • Use cover - Rather than the typical running-shooting-throwing-grenades, some advocate fighting defensively by crouching, taking cover, & shooting from behind scenery, walls, or vehicles if there are any around that you can shoot over (just be careful to use cover that's not too vulnerable to being blown-up!) Defensive play should make keeping distance between enemies a priority because grenades are especially dangerous to a stationary player.
  • Shoot enemy mines - Use it to clear out enemy Land Mines

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