Normal Flight Mode (as opposed to Pro Flight Mode), abbreviated NF, is the default option for how your warhawk controls in-game.

There is fierce debate about this, some say one is better or worse than the other. It seems most (but not all) agree that Normal Flight Mode is easier to learn than Pro Flight Mode. Pro offers greater control and maneuverability. Some say it's not worth tackling Pro, as Normal is as effective or more so. Others disagree. There are some maneuvers that can only be done in Pro. Some say that if you're going to learn Pro, you might as well start in Pro from the beginning and not get used to Normal. One of the developer's QA Analyst/Game Testers recommends Pro in the official strategy guide. You're going to have to decide for yourself what to do.

Tips for Normal Flight ModeEdit

You'll find general warhawk tips in the main article on warhawks, and tips in the articles for each of the weapons for warhawks

  • Video: Super-basic use, by BradyGames - Very basic info on flying, dodging, and use of all weapons. Click here
  • Video: Basic warhawk use, by Rommel - These videos were done in Pro Flight Mode, but much of it applies no matter which flight mode. Video 1, video 2
  • Video: Jocomat's Normal Flight dodge tutorial - (one of many ways to dodge) video
  • Climb quickly - You can climb VERY quickly by using the right stick.
  • Short-range dodge - If a missile is fired at you at short range, dodge using a combination of drift and spin.
  • Also, only use chaff if your boost is empty and you are being chased.

How to beat a Pro Flight Mode flyerEdit

Tips that work regardless of your flight mode are in the Warhawk article

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