The patch added two new game play modes, Hero and Collection, and also fixed bugs caused by the 1.3 patch.

Official Full Description (& screenshots) Edit

A complete description of update 1.4, along with relevant screenshots, can be found here at Sony's blog.

Bug-fixes Edit

Warhawk flight-to-hover transition not allowed if afterburning

Team Deathmatch scoring fixed to not allow kill points for base captures

Fixed randomize team bug that caused lop sided team rosters

Miscellaneous New Features Edit

New minimum rank server option

New server option for kicking idle players

New Game ModesEdit

Hero Edit


The Hero game mode plays like a regular Team Deathmatch with the exception that each team that has a hero who spawns with all troop weapons and a glowing blue or red aura (depending on team). The hero does extra damage and has extra health. Points are scored for killing enemies. A new hero is selected each time the hero "countdown timer" runs-out or the hero is killed. The new hero is then selected at random.

For full instructions, and tips on playing, see the article on Hero (game mode)

Collection Edit


Collection is a new game mode in which two teams battle it out to capture cores, a bit like a multiple-flag version of Capture the Flag. Points are earned by capturing the cores and bringing them to your home reactor. The location of core spawn zones are always set places.

For full instructions, and tips on playing, see the article on Collection