The WeaponEdit

Twin 5-barrel rotary machineguns mounted on the front of the craft. The guns overheat in approximately 4.5 seconds when fired continuously. Approximately 5.5 seconds of sustained fire will destroy a warhawk (so you can't shoot a healthy one down all in 1 continuous burst).


The guns have an ability to track your target (but only slightly, and is usually undetectable). However this feature does not compensate for bullet travel time.

Tips on UsingEdit

Also check the tips on the warhawk page

  • Tap the button - Tapping instead of holding will prevent overheat
  • Keep moving - Will damage even a tank, but don't stay still or you'll be toast.
  • Best for taking out soldiers and Jeeps
  • Clear the way - shoot at mines (from a distance, of course)